Pioneering a new approach

Some would say employees are security's weakest link. We believe they're our best chance to fight cyber crime.

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But unfortunately, security awareness hasn't been working

Building a strong security culture is business-critical: 95% of cybersecurity incidents are caused by human error. But security leaders are too overloaded to focus on real behavior change. And too many vendor “solutions” are stale and don't respect employees' time or intelligence.

Robert Fly, Co-founder & CEO
When I led security teams, I dreaded rolling out training… No one thought it was effective.

Robert Fly, Co-founder & CEO

Let's target security behavior change, not awareness

We power lasting cultural change for our customers by engaging every employee in the fight against cyber threats in a relevant and appealing way, based on solid user performance metrics.

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Getting to a positive security culture

How do you go from check-the-box awareness to measurable, lasting behavior change that actually keeps your company safer? Our platform is grounded in behavioral and data science, and purpose-built so companies can deploy our products in sequence as they grow and mature their program.


Gather metrics

Run baseline phishing tests and conduct metrics assessment.


Phishing simulations


Map strengths & weaknesses

Understand your organization's security culture with our extensive dashboard.


Organizational security map


Personalize employee training

Motivate and train employees based on their individual performance.


Personalized scorecards


Reinforce high-risk groups

Support high-risk groups with targeted, gamified training.

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Gamified security training

Masha Sedova, Co-founder & Chief Product Officer
The most forward-looking security awareness leaders are looking for something new, but it’s been hard to find truly innovative products in the market, especially ones that allow for organizations to grow and mature their security awareness programs.

Masha Sedova, Co-founder & Chief Product Officer

What makes us different

Built by experts

We’re ex-security leaders who had the same issues and frustrations with the old way, and decided to forge a new approach.

Grounded in behavioral science

Our platform makes it easy to motivate, empower and reward employees towards the right security behaviors.

Measurable results

Beyond training completion, Elevate helps you reduce people-centered security incidents and increase proactive behaviors.

Sending more content to our employees just wasn't moving the needle on risk prevention. Elevate is helping us change the game and take our program beyond awareness to readiness.
James Hong - Sr. Manager, Security Engagement

James Hong - Sr. Manager, Security Engagement


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