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Test your employees with a simple suite that enables you to create, run and analyze phishing campaigns
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Easily customize tests to your employees

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Create and run phishing campaigns in 5 steps

Rapidly create a fully customized and targeted phish testing campaign with our simple yet powerful campaign editor. You can start tracking results immediately.

Measure the success of your campaigns

Identify who's the most likely to click on risky links. Browser security is also tested, which lets you know which users are running vulnerable browsers, plug-ins or extensions.

Track your improvements over time

Easily see whether your risk of compromise is improving over time, and whether users are less exposed, which users need more training, and which users need added protection.

We started our Hacker's Mind rollout with the highest-risk employees, based on job position and the results of Reflex phish testing, and expanded the game to the entire company.

Alisha Kloc — Engineering Manager, Security & Privacy at HiRoad

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