Hacker's Mind

Gamified security training

Motivate employees to care about security with Hacker's Mind, a game that puts your team inside the mind of an attacker
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Make info stick with experential learning

Foster a team approach to security

Customize the experience for your organization

Enhance your security team's brand

Learning by doing

Experiential learning wires the brain for long-term behavior change, so we let your employees step into the driver’s seat to create and then respond to common attacks like phishing, social engineering, and malware.

Team-building experience

Hacker's Mind is a unique and immersive role-based experience that can be led by anybody – no security skills required. More than security training, it brings teams together for a fun and insightful session.

Tailored to your employees, no matter where they are

We work with your team to customize your experience, from the level of technical content, to highlighting your most critical security behaviors, to the types of data and attacks most relevant to your organization. Plus, employees can take part in Hacker's Mind whether they're remote or all in the same conference room.

When we launched Hacker's Mind, we got exclusively positive feedback about it, which is almost unheard of for mandatory security training. Really solid product.

Aaron Levy — Site Reliability and Security Engineer

See measurable behavior change


fewer user-generated incidents


less successful phishing attacks


more employee reporting


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