Announcing our new UI

Robert Fly

Published on 27 June 2019


We’ve kicked off the summer with our biggest UI release yet. Now with a streamlined interface, an added easily accessible menu on the left side, and centralized employee and groups management, to name a few, we’re continuing to work toward our goal of powering positive security culture.

We’re fortunate to have a team that believes in the mission and customers who believe in us - without both, this milestone would not have been achieved. This was not an easy task. A big thank you to everyone who helped pull this off.

Ok, ok, enough with the mush and on with the good stuff - what’s new with the new UI?

First, A New Look

The look and feel of the UI has been refreshed with an updated logo, new colors, and names changes for our products which will now be known as:

  • Vision (formerly the Elevate Platform)
  • Reflex (formerly phishing)
  • Pulse (formerly the Elevate Platform)
  • Hacker’s Mind (same as before)
New UI

We also did a major refresh of our website.


Our next biggest update to the new user interface is the sidebar. The sidebar makes navigating the administrative tool easier, and includes links to our products. Through the sidebar, you can access various campaigns across the products you have purchased. View demo.

Direct Integrations with HR system

Now you can integrate directly with HR systems. Rather than continuously uploading CSV files for new employees, we can integrate with your HR system to automatically update the employee user base within the Elevate Platform. View demo.

Real Calendar Invites for GMail and Outlook

This feature is specifically for Peer Scheduled Hacker’s Mind campaigns. Now, participants will be automatically emailed calendar invites for whichever Hacker’s Mind session they sign up for in both GMail and Microsoft Outlook. View demo.

New UI

Downloadable Completion Report

With the Company-wide Completion Report you can use one convenient button to download a completion report that includes every Hacker’s Mind campaign in your organization. This is helpful if you have multiple Hacker’s Mind campaigns that are divided by location or department. View demo.

Completion Definition (Hacker’s Mind)

One important update is our new definition of completion report for a Hacker’s Mind session. When a participant completes more than 50% of the Hacker’s Mind game, they are marked as complete even if they don’t reach the last screen. View demo.

Dynamic Users in Campaign

With the new group functionality feature, you create a user group based on a filter, the user group will automatically update with new users as you upload new employees over time. For example, if you create a user group that is filtered for only members of the Sales department, the group will automatically update and include any new Sales employees you upload after the group is created. This cuts down on any unnecessary new Hacker’s Mind campaigns. View demo.

New UI

If you would like to learn more, please request your own demo.