Announcing Elevate Security’s Seed Round

Robert Fly

Published on 9 June 2017


Masha and I are super excited to announce that Elevate Security has raised a seed round of funding led by Costanoa Ventures. The funding will be used to help scale our engineering effort as we build out our first offering.

We started Elevate with a simple view. Employees are consistently viewed as the weakest link in an organization, but the reality is this — they can also be your strongest asset. Let me repeat that for those that just spit water on their keyboard, your employees can be your company’s best asset in preventing and detecting security incidents.

The sad truth is though, we’ve not engaged our employees. We give them Powerpoint decks and videos and expect them to be able to defend against sophisticated cyber attacks. Here’s your butter knife, good luck! We all need to take a step back and understand human behavior, positive psychology, learning models and focus on measurable outcomes around your people and security.

We’re building a cloud platform to measure, motivate and educate employees around secure behaviors. Unsurprisingly we’ve got a tremendous amount of interest from prospects, but are still taking names from interested customers looking for innovation in this area. Oh, and if you’re an engineer interested in helping us build it, check out our career page.

We’re creating behaviors that prevent breaches. We’re Elevate.

Robert & Masha